5 Tips On How To Run A Successful Virtual Baby Shower

When it comes to Virtual Baby Showers they can either be a great experience or a complete flop. The information out there on How To Run A Successful Virtual Baby Shower is not as detailed as this video or this blog is on just what goes into planning and executing a Successful Virtual Baby Shower. In the video below I go through my 5 tips and give you a better background on the Virtual Baby Shower that I helped plan and execute.


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*NOTE* All of the pannelists on this Virtual Baby Shower are experienced and seasoned Internet Marketers. 

Why Virtual Baby Showers?

Virtual Baby Showers are an incredible way for you to include everyone in your Baby Shower. With times being what they are, not many friends and family from far away may be able to afford to be there. So Virtual Baby Showers are a great and inexpensive way for you to share this special moment with everyone. That being said there is quite a bit of planning that needs to go into a successful Virtual Baby Shower.  I have put together my 5 Tips On How To Run A Successful Virtual Baby Shower. These are quite detailed and will assisst you in the planning of and execution of a successful virtual baby shower.

5 Tips On How To Run A Successful Virtual Baby Shower

  1. ​You are going to need to assemble a pannel of 10 people who will be hihghly commited to the planning and execution of your virtual shower. They should be able to do a little learning and be a little comupter savvy. You will be using a Google Hangout to broadcast your Virtual Shower. You may use FaceTime with the Apple Platform, but I am not familiar with it and these intructions are for using an Android Device and Google Platform. ~~~~~~>CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO SET UP A GOOGLE HANGOUT<~~~~~ The awesome thing about doing a Google Hangout Via YouTube is that you can record it and share it. You will need a YouTube Account, Facebook accounts for the recipient of the sahower and anyone who wants to be on the planning committee for the shower. As they are going to need to be sending invites, creating groups and passing links. 
  2. You need to have virtual games that people can interact with via Facebook. This is where the Virtual Invites and Groups come in. Through Facebook you can create an Event for the shower and invite all of the people you have invited to she shower who have Facebook Profiles. You are going to need to send out an email as well to everyone. Once you have your group and event up on FB you can put your links in your email and direct them to those pages on the day of the shower. Games can be anything such as the games played in Toby&Layla's Virtual Baby Shower. They need to be interactive. You want to be able to giveyour guests directions on where to go to interact with games. You could do a Virtual Baby Treasure Hunt and have people surf the internet for specific things in the baby shower theme. There are ton's of creative ideas and if a little thought and preperation is put in they can be quite fun.
  3. We have already mentioned that you need to set up groups and events and invites on Facebook and all other social platforms. Designate someone who will be able accomplish all or some of those tasks. When you work together it will show in the flow of your Virtual Shower. 
  4. Make sure you have a three week gap between when the invites go out and the Virtual Baby Shower. This is because you want to have enough time for your shower to come together and also for people to be able to send cards and gifts. 
  5. At the very end you can open it up to have other people besides the pannel hop on your hangout and offer mommy advice. This is really an awesome experience and was the highlight for me in Toby&Layla's Virtual Baby ShowerYou have everyone who is on the pannel offer their mommy advice and then hop off. The link to the Google Hangout will have been put out in the group so people could hop on. ​

That sounds like a lot of work....

Absolutley it is. There was much more put into Toby&Layla's Virtual Baby Shower becuase we are a pannel of Professional Internet Marketers and have experience with putting together events like these. So the web pages that you see, the games that were played and the flow of this shower was accomplished by really good marketing and an awesome community that could make an event like this happen. 

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50 Day Vlogging Challenge Day 20: Your Vlog Topic: Are You Able To Reach Out?

Today's Vlog topic came from a little Epiphany I had while cooking. I am not going to tell you what it is because I want you to listen to today's call

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Someone To Reach Out To...

I can ask you though, do you have a hard time reaching out

Do you feel like maybe no one wants to hear what you have to say. 

Or maybe you feel like you have no one to reach out to. 

I personally know how hard it is to reach out to someone when I needed to be heard or when I am dealing with something tough. Sometimes we loose contact with people because we feel we can't reach out to them. So I have a self development exercise for you before you do your assignment.

I have a simple 3 step process to reaching out to someone you have not connected with in a long time. 


1: Acknowledge the lapse in time: Take responsibility for your roll in loosing touch or falling off the wagon.

2: Explain Why: Explain without making excuses, the reasons why you lost touch with your sincere apologies. 

3: Offer a Quid Pro Quo: Express the need for them in your life and offer an incentive for them to be in your life. 

Need more help with this? CLICK HERE to see a more in depth explination of this 3 Step Process on how to reach out to someone.

That being said here is your Self Development Exercise:

Find someone to reach out to. An old accountability partner, a family member or a friend. Go through the steps above if necessary and establish them as an accountability partner.

Your Assignment: 

Get together with your "New" or "Old" accountability partner and do a Google Hangout if possible and talk about, why you feel it would benefit your business and personal growth to be able to have someone to reach out to. If you cannot do a Google Hangout for whatever reason, then cut on the camera and do the above assignment and post either your Google Hangout or you video to your Empower Network Blog

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The Marketing View TV Empower Friday's


So What Is The Marketing View TV?

I had the extreame privelage to be a guest on The Marketing View TV put forth by a few fellow Superwomen of mine Valeska Van Vliet and Laurie Davis. I have personally met these two wonderful women and respect what they do and who they are. The Marketing View TV is where Valeska and Laurie, who are experienced Online Marketers, talk about all things marketing. Anything from Target Markets, Trainings, Tips&Tricks of the trade and Personal Development

What Are Empower Friday's?

As an Online Marketer myself and an affiliate of Empower Network, Laurie and Valeska have designated Friday's as Empower Friday's. This is where they showcase Online Marketers that are affiliated with Empower Network. Laurie and Valeska have set the stage for marketers to be able to get their stories and their voices heard. They designate these spots for up and coming marketers, seasoned marketers and other entrepenuers. I personally am so grateful to have a spot on The Marketing View, it was a very comfortable and fun experience. 

Why You Should Plug Into The Marketing View....

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The Big Easy Infared Turkey Fryer By Char Broil Review 

Frying a Turkey For Thanksgiving...

When it comes to Frying a Turkey for Thanksgiving it can be a little tricky, but I know everyone who has ever had a Fried Turkey will agree they are freaking delish! The thing about frying a turkey is that it can be extremely dangerous if you don't know what your doing. In order to fry a turkey you must have a turkey fryer, a TON of oil and a prayer. 

So this thanksgiving we set out to fry a turkey for thanksgiving dinner. Not knowing how to fry a turkey what did we do?  Youtube it. Well let me tell you the more videos I watched the more scared I got. So Daniel says "I wish there was an oil less turkey fryer" with a little searching, we came across The Big Easy Infared Turkey Fryer By Charbroil. 

I introduce to you The Big Easy Infared Turkey Fryer By Char Broil

The Big Easy Infared Turkey Fryer By Char Broil was simply amazing. We fried two turkeys this year. Both of them were done and looked like they had spent hours in an oven, in a little over 4 hours. The Big Easy Infared Turkey Fryer By Charbroil earned this review as it made my job making Thanksgiving Dinner so easy. 

The Big Easy is cost effective...

We Purchased The Big Easy Infared Turkey Fryer By Char Broil at Home Depot for $89.00, if you were going to fry a turkey with a traditional turkey fryer you are talking about purchasing the turkey fryer, $60 to $70 worth of oil in which you have to purchase every year and then worry you will blow the damn thing up. It is very hard to brine a traditionally fried turkey as it must be completely dry. Hands down The Big Easy Infared Turkey Fryer By Char Broil is the way to go when frying a turkey.

Cooks a Turkey in a little over two hours...

We injected our turkeys and rubbed them with peanut oil and our rubs. One was a Cajun Turkey and the other was a Garlic Herb Turkey. Both of them came out beautiful in a little over two hours a turkey. It is very important though that you have a good thermometer and make sure that it is in the deepest part of the breast and registers 165 degrees. 

The Big Easy Infared Turkey Fryer By Char Broil can do any type of meat, not just turkeys. Ribs, Roasts, baked potatoes, Prime Rib. The only thing I would like to see with the cage is maybe some inserts to create sections for easier cooking of smaller food items. All in all I was so happy with The Big Easy Infared Turkey Fryer By Char Broil and I would recommend this to anyone looking to create deliciously done meats. 

I hope this Big Easy Infared Turkey Fryer By Char Broil Review answered all of your questions. 

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How To Turn A Negative Into A Positive

Are you stuck in a negative thought pattern?

Most of the time when we get stuck in a Negative situation or thought pattern we choose to react with the emotions that come from Negativity as a opposed to choosing to look at it positively. 

Maybe you don't know you have the choice because you have been condition to believe that feelings are feelings and you can't control them. This is a fallacy.

I used to fall victim to this because I did not know any better. This a learned and shared behavior. We grow up in a household where we see our parents and family members dealing with negativity in unproductive ways. It really is a never ending cycle of learned and shared behaviors.

We have a choice in the matter....

When I chose to take into account my reactions to negative things, it was a huge wake up call. Why had I not realized this before? When I thought about all of the times in my life I had given away my power to negativity I was blown away. Blown away with the fact that I had a choice in the matter.

So once we realize we have the choice, what do we do?

Well there are a few things that you can do to begin to turn a negative into a positive. 

4 step process to turn a Negative into a Positive:

1: My favorite is realization: Once you realize that you have the choice and that you are doing yourself and others a disservice by giving away your power to negativity, it makes it so much easier to do something about it. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

2: Self Reflection: When you self reflect and really start asking yourself what has allowed you to react that way to negativity, and ask yourself what you are going to do to change it you are on the right path.

3: Implement a positive affirmation mantra or breathing technique:  One that will allow you to gain control and center yourself when you are in the negativity funnel. The negativity funnel is when you are put into a situation or have adapted a negative way of thinking that sucks you in.

4: Take care of yourself: Give yourself a break. Get out of the house and go into nature. Do something that you love and are passionate about. Something that will allow you to de stress. You must do this, it is not only imperative to your mindset but your health. When you don't deal with those negative things in a positive manner they consume you. 

Those are the things you can do to begin to learn how to turn a negative into a positive.

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